Hello Readers 

Hope you all are doing well on the journey of your life. Yes, “Journey of Life” you read correctly. This is soul and lifeline of this blog site.

 The journey of wordsnwheelz 

I have stumbled upon the idea of words&wheelz.com to express thought process/opinion on things happening around us on a day-to-day life.

I would also like to mention that this is something which I had it in my mind, that I need a platform, where I can put things freely.

There were some unsuccessful attempts in the past 7 years, but, here the journey of my blog site begins.

I can’t say that those 7 years where I made some unsuccessful attempts have gone in vain. Every endeavor in my life had given me a lot of experiences in this journey of my life and I truly enjoyed those moments. Though there were setbacks, not end. I guess this is life, what we call it.

In my point of view, experiences are those paths of your life which brings out the real you from the inside.


This is an attempt to express blogger insight or thought process on a day-to-day event happening here i.e. national and international. 

The blog websites in this niche (https://wordsnwheelz.com/) and such a thought process is rare, which makes it very unique.
The content which is published on this website is more researched and filtered out from all the biased analysis and thinking. The reader feels more connected when a typical approach is not found in the content or any topic.
Knowledge is power and when it published and put out in a structured manner with unique insight then it becomes interesting and thoughtful.
This website has been established with a motive to provide enriched, thought-provoking, subjective and uniquely analyzed content for the reader.
The topics have not been chosen here, based on random thoughts, but it’s well researched and it’s a result of in-depth research of data, blogs, links, books and all possible source available online or offline. We intend to attract the audience to the website who are exploring topics which are not a

And most importantly this blog is all about motivating and spreading awareness.

Contact Me : wordsnwheelsishita@gmail.com