HOMOSEXUALITY NOT A SIN : Supreme Court Verdict on section 377.

The “FEELING” is not just a word that can be expressed in a sentence or in a paragraph.

Even Google can’t make us understand this word.

Dictionaries, books, synonyms, glossaries, vocabularies, blah-blah they all gonna give us just a literal meaning.homosexuals

So, what we should do to understand this word?

We must feel it, embrace it and respect it!!

Today I am gonna talk about Homosexuality and on the decision of the apex court.

Perhaps few of you must be favoring the court’s decision and few are opposing. If someone asks, my opinion then I would definitely say a big yes. Again, if anyone asks me why do I favor homosexuality then let me explain it:-

A few years back during my teenage, I was totally unfamiliar with the terms like the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

When I came to know about them, a little, I often wondered how anybody could get attracted to the same gender? Or you can say I used to dislike them because I was completely ignorant.

Eventually, I grew up and my knowledge and my thoughts became broader, and gradually I came to know that being “homosexual is not a sin”.

It’s neither something which anyone could adapt as the latest fashion or any tradition or culture of our time’s nor it is a fundamental right which could be demanded from the government.

We all have the feeling of love, hatred, emotions, anger, likes and dislikes for the people of our kind. On the same note, homosexuality is nothing but a feeling, a feeling of love towards the same gender.

Just take it in a more easier way, a boy and a girl start loving each other then normally we say, ah! opposite attracts they must get married.

But what if the attraction happens between the same gender?

They can’t even express it, why? Because they will be humiliated and gaged.

Look, the feelings are unconditional and beyond the boundaries, we can’t hold them and can’t compel anyone to feel some other way as we feel.
Homosexuality is not a defect anyone born with, it is a feeling which upsurges steadily. Homosexuals also need the freedom of love and expression for their own feeling.


The Delhi HC in 2009 legalized sex between agreeable adults of the same gender.The supreme court

This 2009 judgment was upturned in 2013 by the apex court which then also dismissed by a review plea.

In 2017, the supreme court said privacy is a fundamental right, which opened the door for fresh pleas to legalize gay sex.


Finally, on Thursday 6th, September 2018 five-judge Supreme Court bench has pronounced a historic judgment backing homosexuality, i.e.

Consensual adult gay sex is not a crime.

Section 377 is irrational, uninformed and unintelligible as it fetters the right to equality for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender) community, it is no longer an offense under Section 377 to engage in consensual gay sex in private.

The supreme court has defanged the British-era Section 377 of the Indian Penal code which deemed that gay sex is a punishable offense. Now, it is no longer an offense under Section 377 to engage in consensual gay sex in private.

I strongly feel bisexuality or homosexual is not a crime and being bisexual or homosexual should not be judged and should have the same respect in the society as it is given to others. So homosexuals must be given the freedom to express their love for their partners. I hope, this judgment will be welcomed by the people of India.




 Here is a list of 11 gay-friendly countries 


*The Netherlands was the 1st country to allow gay marriage in 2000.

*Belgium passed gay marriage in 2003.

*Spain legalized gay marriage by a close sideline in 2005.

*Canada also approved gay marriage legislation in 2005.

*South Africa became the first African country to legalize gay marriage in 2006.

*Sweden legalized homosexual-marriage in 2009.

*Portugal became the 8th country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010.Homosexuals

*The Icelandic legislature legalized same-sex marriage in 2010.

*Argentina became the 1st country in Latin America to authorize gay marriage in 2010.

*Denmark legalized homosexual marriage in 2012 but has recognized same-sex domestic partnerships since 1989 (the first country in the world to do so).

*Britain’s House of Commons has passed a homosexual marriage bill, the first step towards fully legalizing same-sex marriages.