Powering New India! 

We can say the above line is just a tagline for UP (Uttar Pradesh) Investor Summit 2018, but soon this tagline going to be a fact.

The prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and the chief minister of UP Shri Aditya Nath Yogi has initiated the concept of ODOP (One District One Product) in this UP Investor Summit 2018.

Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Adityanath Yogi

It will not be wrong to say, this conference (UP INVESTOR SUMMIT 2018) was done on the pattern of Gujarat model Investors Summit. For the better development of Uttar Pradesh.

As we know, Gujrat is one of the most developed states in India.

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Modi has made an unprecedented contribution in the development of Gujarat during his contemporary chief ministerial era.

And now CM Yogi is going to create a history for UP.

It was a two-day event (UP INVESTOR SUMMIT 2018)  focusing investment opportunities and potential across various sectors in the state.

The two-day event was attended by 5,000 delegates and over 100 speakers including industry leaders from India and abroad, chief ministers, union ministers, policymakers, and academics.

This was the first such event by the Yogi Adityanath government.

 Highlights from the Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Summit 2018 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced, his government will establish an Rs. 20,000-crore defense industrial production corridor in Bundelkhand.

The region divided between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh which will generate 250,000 jobs and bring development to one of the most impoverished regions of the country.

  • Mukesh Ambani vows additional Rs. 10,000 crore investment in Uttar Pradesh.

He assured Jio’s digital revolution will make the maximum contribution to the development of Uttar Pradesh and announced four commitments in this regard.

  • According to CM Yogi, Uttar Pradesh has signed 1,045 pacts worth Rs. 4.28 lakh crore on the first day of the UP investors’ summit 2018.
  • Adani Group to invest Rs. 35,000 crore in Uttar Pradesh in the next five years in different sectors.

Gautam Adani of Adani Group mentioned energy, logistics, solar power, roads, and agriculture were among the core sectors where the group was looking to invest in.

  • Mukesh Ambani says Jio is the largest investor in Uttar Pradesh, over Rs.20,000 crore investment. Mr. Ambani also said that Jio will be present in every UP village by the end of this year.

Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Summit 2018 was attended by a wide range of functionaries. A total of 30 sessions was planned for the two-day summit.

All dignitaries along with industries leaders and policymakers initiated to make Uttar Pradesh a Uttam Pradesh.


Collage of UP

Uttar Pradesh abbreviated (UP) is a state in northern India. And its local language is Hindi.


It is most populous state of India as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world.

The capital of UP is Lucknow present CM Shri Yogi Adityanath and Governor Shri Ram Naik.

Uttar Pradesh is fourth largest state of India by area and second largest state by the economy.

The state is alongside Rajasthan to the west, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi to the northwest, Uttarakhand, and Nepal to the north.

Bihar to the east, Madhya Pradesh to the south, and touches the states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh to the southeast.

It covers 243,290 square kilometers (93,933 sq mi), equal to 7.33% of the total area of India.

State’s economy is mainly agriculture based. UP is no one in Milk, Sugar Cane, and Potato production in India.

The state is home to an old tradition in dance and music. During the eras of Guptas and Harsh Vardhan dynasties.

Uttar Pradesh was a major center for musical innovation.

Swami Haridas was a great saint-musician who championed Hindustani Classical Music.

Tansen, the great musician in Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court, was a disciple of Swami Haridas.

Kathak, a classical dance form, involving gracefully coordinated movements of feet along with the entire body, grew and flourished in Uttar Pradesh.

Kathak Dancer


Uttar Pradesh also has its religious and historic importance in Indian history.

UP is home to Varanasi and India’s holiest city, famed for its cremation ghats and vibrant ceremonies along the Ganges River.


Varanasi Ganga Ghat

Stories tell us that Krishna was born in Mathura, while Ram was born in Ayodhya.  

Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath and died in Kushinagar, now tranquil pilgrimage destinations.

And the Mughals and the Nawabs made their marks as well, leaving behind architectural and gastronomic masterpieces, particularly in Lucknow and of course in Agra.

The Taj Mahal situated in Agra on the bank of Yamuna was built by Shah Jahan as a memorial for his third wife Mumtaz Begum.


The Taj Mahal

Yearly, tourists numbering more than twice the population of Agra pass through its gates to catch a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the most beautiful building in the world.

The qualities and culture of Uttar Pradesh are larger than its area.

UP has its own historical and religious values rooted in the heart of each and every Indian. And can’t be described just in a few words.