Why Syria Vanished?

Every individual has its own fate, and we also know that every individual is a creator of its own destiny.

Similarly, the fate of any country is determined by its countrymen. And this is what happened with “SYRIA”.

Now, this beautiful & lively country has become a war zone & the perch of “Isis”.

Syria has been devastated by the terrorist group Isis. They took advantage of internal conflicts which were taking place between Syrians communities at that time and captured several cities of Syria.


Syria before war



The name of this country is ultimately derived from ancient Assyrians who dominated north Mesopotamia, but whose reach also extended westward to the Levant; the name is associated more with the western area.


The current president of Syria is Bashar Al Assad who assumed office on July 17, 2000. He succeeded this from his father, Hafez al-Assad, who was president of Syria from 1971 to 2000.




Syria, the seat of an ancient civilization became a fully independent Sovereign Republic in 1946 and ended the French Mandate.

Syria joined with Egypt in 1958 in the United Arab Republic but separated in 1961. The major towns in Syria are Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs.

Damascus is considered to be the world’s oldest capital city. It has been continuously inhabited since 3500 BC.

Syria has been involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948. Syria’s negotiations with Israel haven’t made much headway.

The brutal repression of ongoing protests against Bashar Al Assad’s government has taken a heavy toll with thousands of deaths.

  Location in World Map 

Syria is surrounded by Turkey in the north, Jordan in the south, Iraq in the east & in the west it is surrounded by Lebanon & the Mediterranean Sea.


Location of Syria

  Different Communities Followed by Syrians 

Why Syria Vanished?
Representation of Syrian communities

I will not say that all religion and God is one because that is not so and nobody accepts this in today’s world.

This is what been happening for years, and the reason behind all fights, because, people of all communities are engaged in proving their ideology as “GREAT”.

And the fight to prove greatness and superiority ruined whole Syria.

But remember one thing, in spite of a difference in religion, caste, communities, ideology, lifestyle, and languages your COUNTRY is the only place where you are secured & safe. 

This is a big example for we Indians and for the whole world, that “if there is no unity and integrity in the native citizen of any country, then external infectious diseases (like Isis) will get a chance to strike us.

And this is what happened with Syria.